Tribe Called BLACK! 

A Tribe Called Black' is shaping the future for Black and Brown individuals; be a part of it. 

Follow our socials to join us in this powerful, transformative journey of community, identity, and cultural wealth.


Upcoming Programs

Multicultural Wellness Resources 🔽

Grassroots organization and growing community of Black and Brown individuals - learning, connecting, healing, and building cultural wealth by prioritizing the experiences of black folx.

Social Wellness & Peer Support Community empowering Black Women

Peer Support Line - 888.407.4515 (Do Not Leave A Voice Mail) 

General Wellness Resources 🔽

Alternatives to suicide groups allow us to speak our personal experiences with suicidal thoughts without the fear of force, coercion or the threat of being judged is at the base of these peer-to-peer groups but the values that keep these spaces powerful run much deeper.

Link to Alternatives to Suicide Schedule

Afiya is the first peer-run respite in Massachusetts and one of only a few dozen in the country. Afiya (A-FEE-yah) is a Swahili word that means “physical, emotional and spiritual health and wholeness.”

Legal Resources